$100 Support /w Special Thank You (Gift)

$100 Support /w Special Thank You (Gift)

The LM Show

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Many have expressed an interest in supporting The LM Show and all of our special events at a greater level! To offer this and thank you for your incredible level of generosity, we've created this special Support option here on the website.

We print so many fun things on The LM Show, and we wish we could just give them all away, but we also know that an increasing number of you ask for some of our larger or more detailed / costly prints. We still give away A LOT of prints on the show including helmets, but our costs to print and ship many of these large items when giving them away adds up!

As a THANK YOU for your kind support, there are options (when available) for you to select a unique print from The LM Show studio / set to have as your very own. We'll ship it directly to you!

If you aren't sure which option is which, come by The LM Show and ask or take a look - I am more than happy to show off these fun creations! We are LIVE every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5PM Pacific on https://twitch.tv/loyalmoses - We'd LOVE to see you!

Thank you again for even considering!

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