Collaboration & Partnership

First, thank you for considering! Your support and sponsorship means so much to us, our community and the recipients of our giveaways and events!


Our YouTube channel is growing FAST! And we are excited to be full-time content creators, where we focus on quality long-form content with the highest levels of production quality. My goal is simple, to make 3D printing fun, and to invite as many people as I can to share in this exciting passion of ours.

We have a LOADED schedule of content, as we create content for all major 3D printing tech as well as small, niche or related items to keep our audience entertained and informed.

If you have something you want highlighted on the channel, you may ship it directly to us, or contact us for any special need or considerations.

The LM Show
630 Valley Mall Parkway #497
East Wenatchee, WA 98802


On Twitch we stream live 12 to 15 hours a week or more, focusing on 3D printing relating topics, growing our community, promoting our community businesses as well as doing weekly giveaways of printers, filament, prints and accessories. Our LIVE show is dynamic and highly interactive, as we welcome, chat and speak with everyone, answering questions, educating and entertaining - all in one place.


We have multiple studios!

In Studio A, we keep a handful of printers from various brands of varying budgets, and as many brands of filament as possible and try and keep it fun and interesting!

You may notice that wall of filament? Polymaker is our official sponsor, and generously provides us with ALL their filament to keep on display!

In Studio B, we have a fully stocked filament wall sponsored by Bambu Lab!

We LIVE stream and film from each of our studios.


We have a couple of options for sponsorship and we hope that one or more of these will work for you, if not, please contact us, so we can work with you to ensure you and our community get the most from your offer to help.

Our giveaways are costly! We know this.

However, our giveaways draw BIG crowds, and we make it a priority to promote the businesses that support what we are doing, and help us achieve our goals -- we want you to be a part of this!

We invite you to support the community by helping us grow the community!

Financial support is NEVER required, but a sponsorship is sincerely appreciated and we will ensure we thank our supporters in every way imaginable to drive prospects to your brand websites, celebrate and share your products and services.

Our goals are simple, to grow our community and help you and your business!

Coupon Codes

A coupon code for our viewers and customers is a wonderful gesture of community support - to enable them to save on purchases of your products and services that might help as well as create brand loyalty.

We recommend the coupon code "LMSHOW" - which is simple, and inline with our branding and easy for us to remember and share!

Affiliate Links

An affiliate link is a wonderful option for brands with this capability. It helps support our community, giveaways, and The LM Show and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity.

We provide links to our affiliates, and promote those automatically in our live streams as well as throughout our website and social media campaigns.

Thank You!

Thank you for your consideration and support! If our options do not work for you, or you would like to discuss alternate options - please feel free to contact and we are more than happy to help find a solution that works for everyone.