Christmas Community Print Drive Sponsorship

Christmas Community Print Drive Sponsorship

The LM Show

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Christmas Community Print Drive


This is our third annual LM Show Christmas Community Print Drive, where we crowdsource the AMAZING 3D printing community to design, print and ship 3D printed toys to children and families in-need all over the world!

We've already had more than 30+ toys designed specifically for this year's print drive, and already THOUSANDS of toys have been printed and are on the way here for my family to clean, sort, organize and package into beautiful Christmas gifts.

Our goal is to focus the incredible talent that our community possesses, to create and share our passion with others, spreading joy and putting smiles on faces along the way.


We would LOVE to have your support, and LOVE to shout your name out all over our social media accounts and LIVE from The LM Show studio every single show through the new year and more!

Your support matters and goes directly to packing materials, shipping supplies, carrier costs and associated show and community costs to ensure we can get these amazing toys in the hands of children and families that might not otherwise have Christmas gifts this year!

Last year, we received an incredible amount of support from businesses and the community, allowing us to receive over 4,400+ toys and to ship HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of Christmas gifts around the world, putting toys directly in the hands of children and families.

To ensure that EVERY single gift that was requested got shipped, my family absorbed the remaining costs, as I could not bear the thought of someone having hope that a gift might arrive, and not being able to get it shipped!


The costs are significant and range from packaging, wrapping materials, candy, cards and shipping carrier costs.

We'd LOVE to have your support, to help us with our mission of getting these toys packaged, shipped and into the hands of children and families in-need.

Anything helps! It is my sincere hope that you and your organization would be able to help us in our mission this year.


If you have stickers from your business, we'd LOVE to have them soon. We include business stickers, along with candy and toys in each gift we send! Children LOVE stickers, and this is a fun way to share our incredible community with the world.

Please send them right away! The faster the better, so we can get more stickers in each gift!

The LM Show
630 Valley Mall Parkway, #497
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Media Assets / Advertising

If you haven't already, please send your current logo or media kit to me, so I can include your business on our LIVE show and promotional materials! We want to thank you properly and express our gratitude as often as we can, directing our community to your websites and products throughout our print drive and after.

Thank you again for even considering!

Loyal and Mrs LM.

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